Monday, October 27, 2008


Museum of Contemporary Religious Art- Saint Louis University
Pursuit of the Spirit Exhibition is up through December 14th 2008

"Pursuit of the Spirit sets works by over 40 artists in dialogue with each other, exploring broad themes as Sacred Spaces, The Sublime, Mother and Child, and Image and Text."       
                                                       M. Campos-Pons: Cia Cara #1
MarĂ­a Magdalena Campos-Pons,
Cia Cara #1, 2008. Large-format
Polaroid. Collection of the Museum
of Contemporary Religious Art. 

This is a beautiful image go to the site and look at the larger version! It obviously presents a lot of religious issues that can be considered based one's own personal belief system. There are 40 artists exhibiting at the time and I wonder what of Andy Warhol's was included.  Maybe the last supper pieces?  He was apparently a very devout artist...

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