Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Barbican Art Gallery, London
From acclaimed architects, to Turner prize-winning artists, Barbican Art Gallery presents major exhibitions by leading international figures. See some of the best exhibitions in the heart of the City of London, including a dynamic mix of architecture, design, fashion and photography."
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Barbican Art Gallery reflects on conflict and its visual representation.

This Is War! Robert Capa at Work
Gerda Taro
On the Subject of War
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Still from The Casting, 2007. Production Photo Nicholas Trikonis.
Capa The Falling Soldier
Gerda Taro and soldier, C√≥rdoba front, Spain, 1936 © Cornell Capa International Center of Photography

Like one of the previous selected works that shows how the media frames the news. I wonder how "real" these photos are. How do you know what is staged ans what is not. Can you ever tell. However, there are other photos in this exhibit by Gerda Taro that I thought were more honest in their portrayal. She did photographers during the Spanish Civil War. Final there is also a frame from a film that appears honest as well.. maybe also because it is in color. The portrayals of war in "these" images seem to become less heroic than those from history, to an extent.

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