Monday, October 13, 2008

Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, LA
Hans Burkhardt Paintings of the 1960s A decade of Revolution
Sept 20-Dec 24, 2008
"Wandering Souls"
"The exhibition will include paintings - some of monumental scale - spanning the entire decade of the1960s, a critical period in the evolution of American art; particularly in Los Angeles, where Burkhardt resided since his arrival from N.Y. in 1937. Works in the exhibition, and its accompanying illustrated catalogue reveal the full range of Burkhardt’s paintings, reflecting both the excitement of a decade marked by the hopeful social revolution that was the 1960s, and works of unprecedented potency in their protest of the Viet Nam War."

I think it is interesting that this artist being part of a young generation of LA "political" artists was able to thrive in spite of the political control during the McCarthy era.  His works are about political revolt against our time.  I suppose what is even more interesting to me is that we seem to focus less on the political issues at hand during this campaign.  The American public seems to be more interested in the drama of who is who.  This artists work  is basic and i admire that, however, does their work convey their purpose, is it successful? is that necessary?

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