Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The abstract

These photos are similar to some work I was experimenting with last semester.  Creating the abstract, the photo that looks non-photo.

Galerie Conrads

current exhibition - room 1: JUDITH BRAUN Bicameral Symmetries17. 01. 2009 - 28. 02. 2009symmertical procedure: bks-30, 2008, 76 x 76 cm, graphite on mylar
symmertical procedure: bks-19-1, 2008, 48 x 48 cm, graphite on mylar
symmertical procedure: bks-19, 2008, 48  x 48 cm, graphite on mylar
current exhibition - room 2: Beat Streuli Guangzhou Central Station 02-08, 200817.01. - 28.02. 2009born 1957 in Switzerland lives in Zurich, Brussels, and Dusseldorf.
I was intrigued by her people portraits/scenes.  Her work is so interesting, taking photos without the other person noticing.  I am always interested in doing a project like this but I am worried that it doesn't respect the "rules."  Like release forms.  I wonder if she gets anything signed.?  I am assuming not. Or if she has ever experienced problems photographing people in this manner...Great work though!
beat streuli Bruxelles _74–78892007, c-print in plexiglassbox,151 x 201 cm © galerie conrads, duesseldorf-berlin
beat streuli bruxelles05-062007, c-print in plexiglassbox,125 x 185 cm © galerie conrads, duesseldorf-berlin
beat streuli 69_07 2005, c-print in plexiglassbox,151 x 201 cm © galerie conrads, duesseldorf-berlin8th ave 35 th st 02, 2002, 151 x 201 cm, c-print, ed. of
8th ave 35 th st 02, 2002, 151 x 201 cm, c-print, ed. of 3 © galerie conrads, duesseldorf 3 © 
This gallery's website layout on the homepage is interesting but simple. Although I think it could use a little more information about the exhibit and artists, (some of them have no info).

Galerie Heinz-Martin Weigand

 Galerie Heinz-Martin Weigand is a gallery for contemporary art. The focus of the gallery is to show the work of emerging artists from Germany, Europe and the United States.

The gallery represents the artists in 
this listing.

Gallery artists have been included in many important exhibitions in the last five years, such as the Venice Biennale and the Kassel Documenta.
The gallery participates at most of the international artfairs (Art Cologne, Art Chicago, Art Brussels, Art Frankfurt...)

Numerous publications and monographs are available on all gallery artists.

Galerie Haus Schneider has been incorporated in 1994. In 1998 Heinz-Martin Weigand became a partner in the gallery and took it over in 2003. The gallery's name is Galerie Heinz-Martin Weigand now.

I found this work interesting as the pieces explore different aspects of our "environment."  Lately I have been taking similar photos.

Current show:
Mona Breede ChicagoJanuary - March 2009
Splendid Isolation I-II , 2007,
c-print, diasec, edition of 6, each 95 x 120 cmDay in, Day out , 2007, c-print, diasec, edition of 6, 95 x 120 cm

Web Gallery Online-Modern Art-European

präsentiert Malerei, Skulpturen, Objekte und Fotografie

This is a web gallery, something that really interests me.  I would like to create a virtual gallery tour.  I think it would be interesting to see the equivalent to "Drive through art."  This gallery did not turn out to be what I had in mind but the concept was interesting.
I think it is great to see a gallery space in which so many types of work can come together.  For example the work of Brigitte Miers cocina.jpg (10817 Byte)Befruchtend.jpg (10391 Byte)kapstadt.jpg (9750 Byte)3okt89.jpg (8637 Byte)WoherWohin.jpg (10171 Byte)Muskhogee.jpg (9885 Byte)compared to that of Dieter Kupitz.FZAUBERWALD.JPG (11089 Byte)fsippach.jpg (13388 Byte)FWILDBACH.JPG (11103 Byte)
Lately I have been exploring ideas in the environment, as usually I always seem to get involved in "issues," so I have been playing with photographs that connect to global warming/the earth.  For me I have realized the are so many ways to make this connection.  It could be seen in the photos above or the paintings bellow by Gabriele Ritter with the natural forms.