Monday, February 16, 2009

Controversial advertising has been something I have been working with lately...

Church angry after religious advertisements rejected
By Barney Zwartz 
Father Michael Kelly with the rejected poster. 
Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones

The Catholic Church has faced many obstacles to spreading the word in its 2000-year history, but advertising agencies in 21st century Melbourne was not one it anticipated.

Slogans such as "Don't look down, look up" and "Talk to the Boss online every day" are too controversial, even illegal, Father Michael Kelly has been told.

His bid to publicise a new church website in the CBD and outdoor railway sites has been refused by agencies due to stringent rules that apparently forbid any form of religious advertising.

"This is outrageous," Father Kelly, chief executive of Church Resources, said yesterday. "How can contracts discriminate on the basis of religion? And I know it's not true because I've been on railway stations and seen ads for the Mormons and the Bible Society."

The Catholic Church has hired the advertising agency Nitro Group to run its

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