Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Interesting Green inventions:

Wasup washing machine uses its water for your toilet

This Wasup concept is a combo of a washing machine and a toilet, reusing the water that cleans the clothes in the washer to flush the toilet. It's a smart idea, as no one cares what's in the water they're about to pee into. It therefore conserves lots of water that would normally just be flushed away.

It's also smart in that it saves space for apartment dwellers, sticking the washing machine above the toilet and saving the floor space that the appliance usually takes up. Of course, you'd worry about dropping your clean clothes in the toilet, but as long as you're careful and coordinated this looks like a pretty great idea that I could see many people wanting.

Toilet Wash Machineelectric bikeThis is the E Bikeboard S500 made by Switzerland based company Swiss Bike Board, now you may be thinking what makes this so spectacular? Well it’s quite simple; this machine can be used on land, sea and snow, but it more importantly this little thing will get you around the roads and streets of where you live.

Technically it is on a couple of wheels but at first glance they look just like one. The Uno was unveiled recently at the National Motorcycle Show in Toronto.

If you can’t afford the latest hybrid cars, why not customize whatever vehicle you drive to make it one of those Green and Eco Cars, LITERALLY!

Here are the green machines. Source [Eco Friend]


A car stuffed with a bit of turf and real grasses to make it a green machine. What a great idea! It doesn’t really matter what engine type you have under the hood as long as you maintain watering it and that’s it!

The Ultimate Eco Car… Source [Eco Friend]


The man behind this ultimate eco car is Vasily Lazarenko, a Ukranian. He made the car’s body with thousand of oak parts, which makes it pretty strong but heavy. It is powered by an old 1981 Opel engine so its serius acceleration and top speed are in doubts. Although uniquely designed, car makers are not likely to accept this one. But still, I give my thumbs up to this man for such cleverness!

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