Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Web Gallery Online-Modern Art-European

präsentiert Malerei, Skulpturen, Objekte und Fotografie

This is a web gallery, something that really interests me.  I would like to create a virtual gallery tour.  I think it would be interesting to see the equivalent to "Drive through art."  This gallery did not turn out to be what I had in mind but the concept was interesting.
I think it is great to see a gallery space in which so many types of work can come together.  For example the work of Brigitte Miers cocina.jpg (10817 Byte)Befruchtend.jpg (10391 Byte)kapstadt.jpg (9750 Byte)3okt89.jpg (8637 Byte)WoherWohin.jpg (10171 Byte)Muskhogee.jpg (9885 Byte)compared to that of Dieter Kupitz.FZAUBERWALD.JPG (11089 Byte)fsippach.jpg (13388 Byte)FWILDBACH.JPG (11103 Byte)
Lately I have been exploring ideas in the environment, as usually I always seem to get involved in "issues," so I have been playing with photographs that connect to global warming/the earth.  For me I have realized the are so many ways to make this connection.  It could be seen in the photos above or the paintings bellow by Gabriele Ritter with the natural forms.

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